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Thread: Where do you host your vBadvanced?

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    Default Where do you host your vBadvanced?

    Since the other thread was technically a support question, this thread is for you to post about where you host vBadvanced CMPS software or anything vBadvanced.

    I host mine on which is FTW!!

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    Mine's hosted on HostGator.

    So far, so good.

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    Most here seem to like Hostgator but I have to add that I had serious problems with them.

    When I moved my low/medium volume vBulletin/VBAdvanced site to Hostgator in early 2008 everything worked great for about 6 months. After that the speed and performance of the site started to slow down. The server load numbers were consistantly in the 20-30 range and I started getting SQL Server connection errors.

    I contacted their support several times about this and they kept denying there was a problem. I started getting dozens of SQL connection errors every day and they said it must be my database. Finally they just said that their shared environment was probably "not for me". I moved the site and DB as is to Fluid Hosting and it flies now. I get consistantly fast performance and low server load numbers.

    Also, companies like Hostgator are hosting factories. Smaller hosts like Fluid Hosting have much better support and customer service and actually care about you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by burntire View Post

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    I use Its only been a few months but I haven't have any problems and they allow remote mysql which I need since I am making a game.

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    godaddy hosting has too many issues and they will never own up to it.
    Hostgator is good

    I use, but I might be a little biased.

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    ok thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mangia View Post
    Mine's hosted on HostGator. So far, so good.
    the same idea has been used by me.

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    I have always had excellent service from HostGator. However, after experiencing a dedicated server, shared hosting just wasn't enough. I have been using a VPS from since 2009 with great success. If you are a reseller, Linode is hard to beat.


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    I can't recommend these people highly enough

    Tim, Chris and co will go out of their way to help you

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