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Thread: Advertising in Vbadvance

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    Exclamation Advertising in Vbadvance

    Iam thinking of installing Vbadvance as first page on my forum.
    Is there a possibility to put on a banner. Because i can't see this option at the feature.I suppose that this i can do with an extra bb code but i am not sure.
    I also want to view the statistics of the banner (how many clicks).
    Can i have all these with Vbadvance.


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    There are banner/advert handling mods available for that will show stats etc. these mods can usually be set to show banners in the navbar/footer etc. will will also show on the CMPS.

    Google type ads can be added to the portal via modules.

    There is no vBa CMPS v2.0 anymore so you need to check in the latest versions forums for your info.

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    I will check for the banner/advert handling mods.
    I have vbulletin 3.8.4 version and i am thinking of intalling vBadvanced CMPS that it's free.

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