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Thread: WYSIWYG Problems: 404 Error when Inserting Images & Bullets Not Displaying

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    Exclamation WYSIWYG Problems: 404 Error when Inserting Images & Bullets Not Displaying

    Hello Brian,

    I'm running into some problems when using the WYSIWYG editor to submit a link.

    First, when I click on the insert image icon, it returns a 404 Error - Page Not Found. See below:

    I haven't tried a lot of the other settings, but another one that is clearly not working is the bullet points. The bullet and indent only shows up in edit mode, not in either the linkbit or the link details display.


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    See this post for the [img] tag issue:

    For the issue with lists, it looks like that can be solved by looking in your 'ADV_LINKS_SHOWLINK' template for this code:
    <td class="blockrow">{vb:rawphrase description}:</td>
    And replacing it with this:
    <td class="blockrow"><blockquote class="postcontent restore">{vb:raw link.description}</blockquote></td>
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