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    Default Icons path

    nonbeing correct settings in admincp I still have icons not showed.
    vBulletin 3.0.3 path
    vBadvanced CMPS path

    How can i fix that?

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    by this time i tried to setup vbadvanced cmps and i've theese problems same nearly;

    i want to upload vba's index file into root but my forum is in

    i know you don't need to change any file but i must, if you ask im using lots of smilies...

    which php file i need to change path to show images at vba's index? i've solved this problem earlier this but i've forgotten which file i edited.
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    Default Re: Icons path

    If your icons/smilies are not showing up you should try using the 'Update Image Paths' option in the vbacmps_install.php file. If that file is unable to update them then you will need to manually change each image to include the full URL.

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