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Thread: Possible to make a copy of the 'date' field?

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    Default Possible to make a copy of the 'date' field?

    Good day, I have a question about making a custom date field. By default, all Dynamics entries have a date associated with them, usually for the date submitted. I would like to have a second date field, in my case as an expiration date for the item. It's for my own reference only, it doesn't have to trigger any kind of events, I just want the ease of use of having date drop downs. Currently there aren't any custom field selections for this. Is it possible to perhaps 'clone' the functionality of the main date field for this use?

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    I'm sure that's possible and should be able to be done with some custom plugins, though it'll require a little work and knowledge of PHP/HTML.
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    All right, thank you Brian. If there's not a way to do this without custom coding, I believe I'll hold off until such time as we upgrade to vB4 and perhaps retain your services for this customization. Will inquire as to your availability at that point.

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