I have developed a news reader on my site using CMPS, vb forum and a customised php file that I would like to share with all - that's if anyone would want it - but I am scared that competing sites would also use it which takes a possible advantage away from my site especially when there is one site in my country that tries to copy what I do.

If I release it then can I put the caveat on it something like "This mod can not be used on a site whose subject matter is X without written permission".

I know that won't stop anyone but at least the sites in my own country couldn't do it as I could take legal action with them.

Brian...if you are reading this, if a site does use it illegally and I advise you would you do anything as it uses CMPS.

The code changes that I made enables the news reader to decipher Google news rss feeds into displaying the source page plus displays all other rss feed sites as a full page in your own site legally.

You can see it here:
http://www.recreationalflying.net and click "News Reader" in the sub menu or click "Read More" on one of the news items on that page.

Please let me know if there is any interest in a mod like this - thanks