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Thread: yulaviation control has been hacked everything

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    Default yulaviation control has been hacked everything

    Hello All members and vBulletin admins,

    My website has been hacked and was stolen, the password and control panel and i would like to delete the site-forum. Perhaps i may not do it by my control panel on the site and i would like to know as vBulletin is the one which power engine of my site-forum, if you administration could take it off the internet running. I ask it because my site-forum was hacked and the control was stolen by a fake admin user which is using the same admin username i was using, which means my own username to control the site-forum. I am the Real Head Admin of the site-forum which is the following one here:

    As i can not access the control panel, i ask you administrators to take yulaviation off of running please as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance,

    The Real AC974, Head administrator of yulaviation.

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    You are in the wrong place, vBadvanced cannot assist you with this.

    You need to go to and fill out a support ticket.

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    [ Closing thread ]

    As noted above, this sounds like an issue you need to deal with at either or with your site's host.

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