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Thread: vBulletin Sidebar on vBadvanced CMPS

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    Default vBulletin Sidebar on vBadvanced CMPS


    I was wondering if it's possible to add the vBulletin Sidebar to the CMPS. I would like to use the center collumn of the CMPS, no left sidebar and then have the official sidebar as a right one.

    I've been trying to get this to work:

    But it's not working. I also tried to use that addon and make my own plugin for the CMPS, but I'm unsure which hook location to specify. I got it on there a few times with various hooks, but it was in the wrong location and was outside of my actual site.

    Is there any easier way to get it to work?

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    I'm sorry, but that's not something I've ever tried and I'm not really sure that it would work... Depends on how vB's sidebar is coded.
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    No worries, I got it to work now by using a combination of that addon and making my own plugin using it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qG ThaLiX View Post
    No worries, I got it to work now by using a combination of that addon and making my own plugin using it.
    Would it be possible to share this please?

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    Install that addon first.

    I only use the center column, so not sure if it will work if you use vBA's sidecolumns, anyway:

    Go to the adv_portal template

    search for

    {vb:raw navbar}
    add below

    {vb:raw sidebaropen}
    search for

    {vb:raw footer}
    add above

    {vb:raw sidebarext}

    Then go to plugin manager and make a new plugin with this in it:

    require_once(DIR . '/includes/class_block.php');
    $show['sidebar'] = false;
    	$blockmanager = vB_BlockManager::create($vbulletin);
    	$sidebar = $blockmanager->getSidebarHTML();
    	if ($sidebar)
    		$show['sidebar'] = true;
    $templater = vB_Template::create('sidebarext_temp'); 
    $templater->register('sidebar', $sidebar);
    $sidebarext_add = "' . \$template_hook['sidebarext_temp'] . '";        
    $sidebarext_search = '/\' \. \$footer \. \'/'; 
    $sidebarext_replace =  $sidebarext_add . "' . \$footer . '";               
    $vbasidebar = preg_replace($sidebarext_search, $sidebarext_replace, $vbulletin->templatecache['adv_portal']);
    $sidebarext_search = '<div id="vbasidebarclass">'; 
    $sidebarext_add ='<div id="content_container"><div id="content">';        
    if($vbulletin->options['sidebarposition']==0)$sidebarext_add ='<div id="content_container" class="contentright"><div id="content">';  
    $sidebarext_replace =  $sidebarext_add . $sidebarext_search;               
    $vbasidebar = str_replace($sidebarext_search, $sidebarext_replace, $vbasidebar);
    $vbulletin->templatecache['adv_portal'] = $vbasidebar;
    As a hook location use vba_cmps_print_output (vbacmps) and as a product select Everywhere Sidebar.

    Make sure to enable custom pages are enabled for the Everywhere Sidebar addon (In the options).

    Not sure if this is required, but i also added these variables to the vBA CMPS options:


    It might not be perfect etc, but at least i got it to work right :P?
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    many thanks, thats great. I'll have a play.
    Thanks again

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    No dice, anyone else get this to work?

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    Nope, I've not gotten it to work either, :-( Followed the above instructions to the letter, as well as trying various other things found on the anywhere sidebar thread over at

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