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Thread: Change Reciprocal Link URL - won't work

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    Default Change Reciprocal Link URL - won't work

    I am running 3.2.0, I have changed the reciprocal link in admin to a website address that the forum is not running on, for example the forum is on the domain and the link we require in return for entry into the directory is a link to

    It does state that I can enter a different URL if I so wish and doesn't say anything about it having to be on the same domain. After doing so people are saying that it will not work even though they have added the required link.

    Can anybody help please.


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    I haven't heard of any issues like that before and don't seem to be able to reproduce any problems locally, but if you would like to submit a support ticket via the Members' Area here I'll be glad to take a look at things for you. Please be sure to include a URL or two that you were having issues submitting in the support ticket as well.
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