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Thread: Will a links Directory help

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    Default Will a links Directory help

    I have a new general off topic forum, My question is will incorporating a link directory do the forum any good or bad?

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    It never hurts to let your members submit links to their favorite sites or have a section where you could easily setup reciprocal links with other sites.
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    A "useful" links section for members recommended sites can be a great tool,just set the categories and any rules about content you want to apply .

    Encouraging reciprocal inbound links is always useful for SEO.

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    make a subdomain and link it from your forum. I see a lot of successful websites having directory and forum under 1 domain. for example.

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    Will simply adding a page to my cpms homepage work for backlinks

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    The value of having one out weighs the cost/maint. of launching a links area. They are a nice addition for members to access and or pay for link placement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buoy View Post
    The value of having one out weighs the cost/maint. of launching a links area. They are a nice addition for members to access and or pay for link card application
    I totally agree with you buoy. That addition to access/pay for link placement will certainly be of big help to you.

    Good luck.
    Nate Digby

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    If I will not say Yes the I will even not say No too. The overall effect of these all activities including on-page optimization and off-page optimization helps in getting better rankings as well as generate traffic to your website. So, it is always wise to build links whcih are of good quality and are related to your niche
    Search engine optimization(SEO) is important for ranking website higher on search engines. SEO gives us organic traffic and results when done in productive way.

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