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Thread: forum-wide user and admin news

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    Lightbulb forum-wide user and admin news

    Hi, i made a small mod to news.php

    this mod allows me to submit to front page any item on any forum changin its icon, OR show news posted my members on a specific forum

    You should change both iconid
    * the first one should be the iconid that only specific groups can select (like mods) (it will search for all threads with this iconid)

    * the second one is a public icon, so the module will search for threads on specific forum with specific icon

                                    FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "thread AS thread
                                    WHERE visible = 1
                                            AND open != 10
    then added the first line and changed the next two ones:
     					AND iconid = 15
     					 OR (thread.forumid IN(" . implode(',', $mods['inforums']) . ")
     					 " . iif(!empty($newstids), ' OR threadid IN(' . implode(',', $newstids) . ')') . " AND iconid = 16
    Yet, im not sure how nice this will play on the DD BB

    This is bassed of:

    im open to sugestions, specially adding this to the settings menu

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    Thanks this is just what I need. It works great on vBulletin 4.1.3

    I created the extra icon by following the instructions in the other post but I just need to use threads chosen by admins so in news.php below:

    PHP Code:
    FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "thread AS thread
                                    WHERE visible 
    AND open != 10 
    I only added

    PHP Code:
    AND iconid 15 
    I didn't need to make any other changes.



    I only got it to show one post. So couldnt get it to work properly..

    THEN - I dicovered the News module feature that lets you go through and choose which threads you want to display.

    Perfect for what I need.
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