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Thread: How to kep CMPS off mobile style?

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    Default How to kep CMPS off mobile style?

    I've installed a mobile phone style and a mod to push that style to iPhone's etc. But my CMPS generated right hand column is showing up in the mobile style and thwarting my attempt at making a good mobile style.

    How I can get rid of CMPS when the mobile style is in use?

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    not certain about the mobile style and cmps but for iphones and droids and whatnot I use tapatalk which has an application for the smarter phones of today.

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    I don't use Tapatalk because I refuse to sell their product for them to earn all of the money from those sales. They need to share that income 50/50 if they expect to earn money from my website.

    I found a way to do this. I went into the Mobile style that I installed and simply cut out the section in the VBAdvanced template that built the right hand column.

    Then I copied the postbit template and over wrote the postbit_legacy template in my mobile style only -- this way I can have postbit_legacy for my default style and an abbreviated horizontal postbit for my mobile style.

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