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Thread: BT - Module: Latest or random album pictures

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    Cool BT - Module: Random album pictures

    BT - vBadvanced CMPS Module: Latest or random users albums photos
    BlackThorn Coding...

    My first BETA module here ---> and

    Well - This will add a CMPS block to your vBadvanced CMPS portal page. It will display the "Latest or Random Album Pictures" in your vBulletin forums. Special thanks to Hasann for code permission. Hasann's originally module for vB3.x.x at here. If you use vB3.x.x, then you can go to there of if you use vB4.0.x, then please read this my the main post before download and use.

    • [S]Username link to profile.[/S]
    • Picture link to album.
    • Picture Author
    • Picture Description
    • [S]Album Title[/S]
    • Maximum number of pictures to be displayed
    • Maximum Album Pictures Per Row
    • Sorting Of Pictures: order by dateline or order by random
    • Username HTML Markup (fetch_musername)
      • Tested on:
      • vBulletin 4.0.x
      • vBulletin 4.0.5
      • vBadvanced CMPS v4.0.1 Latest version

    v3 Fixed bugs:
    -DB errors
    -Table erros
    -No file edits
    -Links errors
    -Parse errors
    -Markup erros
    -Phrase errors
    -No file uploads
    -All template erros
    -Left or right block errors
    -Pictures Thumb(s) errors
    -Album and photo ids erros

    [vBA CMPS Module Released: 08/22/10]
    Go to your Forums --> Admincp --> vBa CMPS --> Download / Upload Module --> Module to Upload --> Select albumpictures.xml file from your Computer --> than Submit.

    Just click install, if you like this module.
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    Default + horizontal added.

    + horizontal type added right now.

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    I've got a few questions and a suggestion.

    • What are the Red Xs?
    • The word "Discription" takes up too much room, how can I delete it?
    • Where is the control panel?
    • Can the pics have a set size?

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    Please download and try again.

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    red "X" is gone. Anyway to make the images the same size and remove "Discription:"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CLSSY56 View Post
    red "X" is gone. Anyway to make the images the same size and remove "Discription:"?
    Open your adv_portal_album_pictures_bit template and find;

    PHP Code:
    <br /> 
    vb:rawphrase description}: {vb:raw picture.caption
    DELETE and save then, it's okay.

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    won't that get rid of the discription as well as the "Description:"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CLSSY56 View Post
    won't that get rid of the discription as well as the "Description:"?
    Well, Description mean does "users photo's details" If you want, you can change that word phrases/words options or in template. OR still I can't understand what do you mean that word let me see a screenshot for explain.

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    Does this help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CLSSY56 View Post
    Does this help?
    Well I would guess, I understood now and I'll told a reason; because that the picture pixel is not modules, this is an automatic vBulletin THUMBNAIL pixels but you can change it manuel in codes.

    Open the same template adv_portal_album_pictures_bit

    PHP Code:
    <img src="attachment.php?attachmentid={vb:raw picture.attachmentid}&amp;thumb=1&amp;d=1258906442" alt="269" border="0" /> 
    Replace with;
    PHP Code:
    <img src="attachment.php?attachmentid={vb:raw picture.attachmentid}&amp;thumb=1&amp;d=1258906442" alt="269" width="100px" height="100px" border="0" /> 
    You can change width="100px" and height="100px" px codes for yourself, how do you wanna it. But if you make it manuel, then quality may not be the pictures.

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    Thanks, that looks a lot better. How can you add more characters to the discription?

    Here is what I changed it to:
    PHP Code:
    <td class="block">
    div class="smallfont" id="picturebits" align="center">
    class="picture" href="album.php?albumid={vb:raw picture.albumid}&amp;attachmentid={vb:raw picture.attachmentid}">
    img src="attachment.php?attachmentid={vb:raw picture.attachmentid}&amp;thumb=1&amp;d=1258906442" alt="269" width="145px" height="100px" border="0" />  
    a><br />
    By {vb:raw picture.musername}<br /> 
    vb:raw picture.caption}

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    You're welcome. Well,

    Please look at my the main post 2. screenshot (module options screenshot)


    Go to your forums ---> Admincp ---> vBA CMPS ---> Edit Modules ---> click to "Album Pictures" and go to module options the bottom of page and come here:

    "Maximum Characters of Picture Description to Display"

    Already default optional is just "10" but you can change it for yourself (how do you wanna it)

    Best Regards,

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    Great, thank you. I never scrolled down far enough, didn't notice it was there.

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    You're welcome sir, then I'm glad for that.

    Best Regards,

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    one more idea, is there a way to set a max width to match the center column and change the sizes of the pics accordingly?

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    Of course you can, manually (without no thumbs) ;

    <img src="attachment.php?attachmentid={vb:raw picture.attachmentid}" border="0" width="XXXXpx" and height="XXXXpx" />

    OR can use this direct (without no thumbs) ;

    <img src="attachment.php?attachmentid={vb:raw picture.attachmentid}" border="0" />

    But never mind, because I've look at your screenshot and believe me thats awesome...

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    I was curious for people who use smaller screen sizes. I think the one for 3.8.x did that, not sure though. How about number of pictures per column width? If you have a narrower column, it may only show 2 pics, or with wider column would show more?

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    First please look at module options and use it default optional I just suggest that for you. Sir, you asked more question to me for support and really I've bored now. Yes is that module was for vB3.x.x please read my the main post. If you don't want or like, then I suggest, you don't install it. Generally people use it on portal's center column or vertical column default.

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    Sorry, I was just trying to help you make it better. You did a great job, thanks again.

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