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Thread: Different headers/Different Pages?

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    Question Different headers/Different Pages?

    Is it possible to have my site display different headers depanding what Page they are on. For instance one page is our Research center and I'd Like our Header(Logo) to show a logo to represent that and our other area is our broadcast area and would like the header to represent that with a Different Logo. I thought this would be easy but I'm not sure what CMPS does when it creates a new Page and where I could make the edits necessary, and if it's even possible.

    Thank you

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    Possible and very easy.
    I prefer this method myself:
    Create a substyle for your specific pages with different headers,
    and go to "edit page" in admincp and use specific substyles for each pages.

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    Thank you but I dont think that process is going to work for me.
    here's what I've done just to be sure I haven't made any mistakes.

    I have 2 Styles Default and Black and yellow:

    I Created a Child Style for Each and changed the header logo in each of the Child Styles to be the Logo I'd Like to Swap.

    So my Default style has a header logo of uff_logo_default.png
    My Default Child Style has a headers Logo of uff_logo_research.png

    Same for my "Black and yellow Style

    The problem is it wont allows users to switch styles... is there a way around that?

    Hmmmmmmm Is it possible to put the complete Black and Yellow Style as a Child of the Default?
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    You could just use some <if> tags in your header template.

    <if condition="$pages['name'] == 'page_identifier_here'">
    <img src="images/whatever.gif">
    <else />
    <img src="images/whatever2.gif">
    (replace page_identifier_here on the first line with what you're using for the page identifier setting for that CMPS page).
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