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Thread: New LINKs posted into a new thead in forum?

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    Question New LINKs posted into a new thead in forum?

    Is it possible to have each new LINK, posted automatically as a New Post or Thread into a Forum in vBulletin?

    I tripped across a thread entitled Fake vBalinks as forum, but at best the code references seem in disarray. They mention "linking the forum", but it seems all this does is establish an embedded LINK to jump from the Title of the Created Forum -to- the vBadvanced Links Directory section.(i.e. no actual thread, or post exists in a forum for users to see/read )

    Is that the only way to pull something like this off? Is there an inherent function to vBalinks that could accomplish this? Is there a MOD perhaps on that does it? Are there any template MODs and/or code additions that can do it?

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    I'm sure something like that would be possible, but it is not a default feature and as far as I know nothing like that has been released here.
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    Thanks for the heads-up Brian. I managed to get the "Fake vBalinks as forum" working for now. One of our problems has been that vBa's LINK Directory is out of sight, and thus out of mind. We're just looking for better ways to integrate it with our Forum, so it's seen (and hopefully noticed) each visit.

    Most users don't care to leave the regular forums and post over in the LINK Directory Product...especially when there's not much of anything to indicate there's any new traffic over in the LINK Directory Product.

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