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Thread: Attachments using [attach] tag not showing

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    Default Attachments using [attach] tag not showing

    After uploading attachments and clicking the paperclip to select the image to display in the Message area, I get [ATTACH]XX[/ATTACH] tags, however nothing appears in the article after submitting.

    The first couple articles that were submitted work fine, but new ones do not work. I haven't changed anything since submitting the first articles. The only difference between them is the username under which they were submitted. Mine is an admin account and the new ones were submitted using a regular user account.

    The attachments display fine if using regular IMG tags and there is no problem viewing the attachments via the thumbnails. Attachments are being stored in the file system.

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    anyone else having this issue?

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    I did some more testing and determined that if I delete and resubmit the same image, and use the [ATTACH] tag as an admin, the image is displayed without a problem. If a regular registered member does the same, the image is not displayed.

    If I edit the article the image in the [ATTACH] tag is not displayed. Only after re-uploading does the image display.

    Maybe there is a setting somewhere that I'm missing.

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    Thank you for pointing this out. I've done some testing locally and it looks like there was a small bug that could prevent anyone besides the owner of the attachment from vieiwng it. I've just updated the dynamics/showentry.php file in the download package here to include the fix, so if you will download the files from here again and update that one on your server, that should take care of the issue.
    Or if you would rather apply the fix manually, just look in the file for this line:
    PHP Code:
                $attach['visible'] = 1
    And replace with this:
    PHP Code:
                $attach['visible'] = 1;
    $attach['state'] = 'visible'
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    that did it, thanks brian!

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