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Thread: My X doesn't work in Quick Nav

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    Default My X doesn't work in Quick Nav

    My Dynamics install is called Articles so the Quick Navigation module has under the item "My Articles" (in the My Stuff block).

    Clicking on this just takes you to the index page yet the code is the same as in the Navbar which works ok

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    Thank you for pointing this out. It looks like the variable for that link isn't being passed into the module for some reason. This will be corrected in the next release (v2.0.2), which should be available today.
    Or if you would rather apply the fix to your current version manually, just look in the fourm/vba_dyna_modules/dyna_navigation.php file for this line:
    PHP Code:
    ($hook vBulletinHook::fetch_hook('vba_dyna_modules_navigation_end')) ? eval($hook) : false
    And add this just Above it:
    PHP Code:
    $myentrieslink dyna_fetch_cat_url(0, array('userid' => $vbulletin->userinfo['userid'], 'title' => $vbulletin->userinfo['username']), 'member'); 
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