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    Sorry this isn't a neatly packaged module but it would be useless because you need to get your own map code anyway.

    This will put a world map that will display a "dot" from the geographical location of every visitor who views your page.

    Get your map code from here:

    Choose "Get 2D Map"
    Pick the map design you want
    Choose your size (174x87 works best for a side column)
    Choose your colors
    Choose "BB Code Version"

    You will be giving BB Code... now go to vB Advanced CMPS admin menu, create a new BB Code module, paste in your BB Code, and enable the module on your page.

    It's very cool.

    You can see a demo at - it's on the right side of the page.

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    Thanks for this, trying it out on my forum.

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    Nice page you have there. Are all the modifications you have there listed here?

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