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    Anyone else notice after the new 4.1.1 update, and after putting forum.php into the global replacements, that you get /links/forum.php when trying to navigate back to forum from the links page?

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    I just bought and installed this links directory today and found almost the same thing. When in the links directory my home page link in the nav bar is like this:
    I am still on vB4.1.0 PL2

    I cant see how to fix it..
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    I figured it out.. for me that is. I added 'index.php' to vBadvanced Global Options > Navbar replacements and that fixed my problem.

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    I have added index.php and forum.php, nothing works with 4.1.1, I also seem to have a problem with uploading images since the update.

    note: everything worked fine before 4.1.1

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    I just noticed the forum link problem today. I upgraded to vBulletin 4.1.1 the other day. All the other links seem to work.

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    I found the fix for the forum link problem.

    Go to ACP > Settings > Options > Forums Home Page Options

    Change the first setting from forum to /forum

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    Nice, that fixed that problem, now to just figure out the image thing.. Thanks.

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    Found another error.

    When you submit a link it gives the wrong location to showlink.php. It drops the links/showlink.php

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    Have you noticed that after adding / to forum in setting to fix the links that you now get Unknown Location in the Who's Online?

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    I haven't seen that yet. I had to add blog.php to the Global Options also.

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    Thank you for pointing this out. We should have a new version out very shortly that will include the fix for this. Until then, you should be able to look in your 'Process Navbar Replacements' plugin for this code:
    PHP Code:
        $navreplace['find'][] = '\' . $vboptions[\'forumhome\'] . \'.php';
    $navreplace['replace'][] = '\' . $vboptions[\'bburl\'] . \'/\' . $vboptions[\'forumhome\'] . \'.php'
    And add this directly below it:
    PHP Code:

    ['find'][] = 'vB_Template_Runtime::linkBuild("forumhome")';
    $navreplace['replace'][] = '\'' $vbulletin->options['bburl'] . '/\' . vB_Template_Runtime::linkBuild("forumhome")'

    As for the redirect issues, those are going to require a few modificiations that will be included with the next release.
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    Thanks Brian

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