vBadvanced Links Directory v4.2.0 (for vBulletin 4) has been released and is now available in the Members' Area here for current license holders or new purchases.
One of the major differences in this release is that we now take advantage of vBulletin 4's template <vb:each> feature, and have removed a good number of "micro templates" (templates without much content). This not only reduces the number of templates necessary and makes it easier to find the template you're looking for when customizing things, but it should also help to decrease page loading times a bit by minimizing the use of the PHP eval() function throughout your vBadvanced pages.
Now when browing a category, you will see new "Submit Link" buttons at the top and bottom of the page.
All currently known bugs & issues have also been fixed.

Please note the following templates are now depreciated and have been removed.
  • adv_links_catmanager_categorybits
  • adv_links_letter
  • adv_links_linkbit_custombits
  • adv_links_linkbit_prevreportbit
  • adv_links_linktous_bannerbits
  • adv_links_linktous_textbits
  • adv_links_navbar_newestbits
  • adv_links_navbar_search
  • adv_links_search_custombits
  • adv_links_search_custombits_selection
  • adv_links_showlink_custombits
  • adv_links_showlink_keywordbit
  • adv_links_showlink_ratingbits

Upgrade instructions are the same as usual and may be found in the readme.html file in the download package.

Problems or Questions?
If you have any problems or questions regarding the new release, please post them in the vBa Links Directory v4.0 support forums. Please to NOT reply to this thread for support.