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Thread: This is what can be done with vBadvanced !

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    Default This is what can be done with vBadvanced !

    Please note this is not my site,I have no connection with this at all, I came upon this while searching for something else and was so impressed I thought others might like to see what has been achieved here.

    >> and <<

    Check out the Home/Reviews/Articles/News/Tools sections, all made with vBa CMPS , this is a brilliant example of the power of vBaCMPS , I think this is probably the best I have seen anywhere.

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    I see what you mean about functionality but over all it looks like a very crowded house.
    Gaming Heaven looks good though.
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    Okay, how did you do it, lots of coding? I am looking at vbadvanced but I am not much of a coder.


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    Those are some nice sites. Very good usage of vBadvanced!
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    Impressive. Best I have seen. Must have taking a very long time as that is all PHP and HTML coding unless he used templates.

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