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Thread: VBA Dynamics and existing forum

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    Default VBA Dynamics and existing forum

    I am planning to add a section of news, separate from the existing forum already running (3.8.5) and it looks VBAD is best option from here but I have some questions:

    1. Does an instance of VBAD run separate from the existing forum? I mean I need to have index page of forum as it is but index page of site to be VBAD with articles and just a link to normal forum. It seems VBCMS is having this but is not very good in displaying articles.

    2. Can I install VBAD in and have the forum in ?

    3. Does VBAD modify the control panel of the user?
    (I have a newsletter control page I don't want to lose)

    4. Are the hoocks for ads same as in forum so vb Add management modification I have installed to display ads can display them in vbad ?
    If I place ads with above modification in article section does it take count of group permissions (set in forum)?

    Are any promotions now for purchasing VbAD?
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    1). Yes, vBa Dyanmics is a completely separate section.

    2). Yes.

    3). No

    4). Any ads displayed in your header or footer templates should still be displayed in vBa Dynamics. Any displayed in the postbit or any other areas though likely will not be shown by default.
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    Many thanks, I think you are looking at a new customer.
    Payment made ...
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