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Thread: Can't edit first category

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    Default Can't edit first category

    I have manage to install VBAD 1.2 on 3.8.5 and I have found that the first category (the one where all are parent) can't be edited via Admin CP.
    Error: Can't make a category parent to itself.

    Solved editing the database directly and after some time the cache clear and it shows in browser too.

    I have other issue
    I cant make some links from navbar to be ./forum/joinrequests.php and instead they are ./joinrequests.php and of course I receive 404 error. I have put joinrequests.php in vBadvanced Global Options setting in header and navbar.
    The same is with other mods I have install.
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    If the replacement settings aren't helping then you will need to search in your templates to find the problematic link(s) and change them to point to the full URL to your forums.
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    Many thanks

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