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Thread: Problem validating links

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    Exclamation Problem validating links

    I have a problem with validated links to my site others have submitted.
    The problem only occurs if I change the category the user have proposed before the links is validated (no problem if I accept the proposed category).

    After the link has been validated, the number of links in this category on the browsecategory page has been incrememented by 1 in the category I have chosen as administrator. However, when I go the category, the link is not present (and neither in the category the user has proposed)

    If I then use the tool "update categories" the link is now being shown OK in the category the user did propose, and he number of link in this category is also incremented by 1.

    PROBLEM: As adminsistrator I selected another category for the link, and this function does not work.

    And update: WEIRD - When I edit the link that erroneously is shown in the user-submitted category, it actually says at the "edit link page" that the link is actually in the administror selected category. If I do nothing and saves, the link is moved to the administrator selected category
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    Thank you for pointing this out. I've just updated the links/moderate.php file in the download v3.3.0 and v4.2.0 packages here to inlcude the fix, so if you will download the files again and update that one on your sever, that should take care of the issue.
    Or if you would rather apply the fix manually, just look in the file for this code:
    PHP Code:
                                $movedtocats array_diff($link['extracatids'], $oldcatids[$linkid]);
                                if (!empty(
    $catidsinsert .= "($linkid, " implode("), ($linkid, "$movedtocats) . '),';

    $movedfromcats array_diff($oldcatids[$linkid], array_merge(array($link['catid']), $link['extracatids']));
                                if (!empty(
    $catidsremove .= '(linkid = ' $linkid' AND catid IN(' implode(', '$movedfromcats) . ')) OR ';
    And replace with this:
    PHP Code:
                                // set an array of categoryids to compare
    $allcatids $link['extracatids'];
    $allcatids[] = $link['catid'];

    $movedtocats array_diff($allcatids$oldcatids[$linkid]);
                                if (!empty(
    $catidsinsert .= "($linkid, " implode("), ($linkid, "$movedtocats) . '),';

    $movedfromcats array_diff($oldcatids[$linkid], $allcatids); 
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