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Thread: SiteMap (generated by VBSEO) has redirects, not seo friendly URLs?

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    Question SiteMap (generated by VBSEO) has redirects, not seo friendly URLs?

    Hey there,

    I noticed I get an error in webmaster tools for the sitemap that is generated by VBSEO for my VBDynamics articles.

    Here is a typical article (correct SEO friendly URL): (truncated by this forum)

    But the sitemap has this URL in it's submissions (which then gets redirected):

    I contact VBSEO support and they told me to come here.

    Can anyone help?

    PS - What is really strange is if I generate the sitemap manually, the URLs are correct.

    Here is my full Sitemap for the VBDynamics add-on:

    Thanks in advance for any help,
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    I'm not sure why vBSEO would tell you to come here when it's their code. To use the correct URL's they would need to update their code to use the same vBa Dynamics functions we use to generate the URL's. Linking to the showentry.php file shouldn't be hurting anything though since (as you've seen) you'll still be redirected to the correct URL.
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    Thanks again for replying Brian.

    It is throwing a warning in Google Webmaster tools.

    Any thoughts?

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    Brian - they keep telling me to come here.

    "You need to contact vBA Dynamics add on creator to get this corrected."

    Here is the thread:

    Please help!
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