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Thread: How do I change Hosts and Domain names

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    Default How do I change Hosts and Domain names

    I have a 3.8 VBull site with 3.2.2 Vbad Attached....

    I am trying to find out at VBULL site how to keep my board intact but I have to transfer HOSTS and give it a new domain name also...

    My Q is will the VBAD transfer with the board or do I have to remove the MOD before I try a transfer???

    is it as simple as a site and database restore to a new host and all will work?

    If anyone can give me a couple answers that would be great...

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    That depends I guess on your new host, are you using CPanel now and at your new host?

    I changed host a long time back and the new company moved the site complete in less than 15 minutes, I never had to touch anything,waiting for the DNS to resolve took longer.

    What host are you going over to?

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    As long as you or your host move all files and the database from your old server to the new one then vBa CMPS (and anything else) will be included. Note you may need to update the $forumpath variable in your cmps_index.php file (or whatever it's been renamed to) after the move though.
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