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Thread: Display Issues with firefox

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    Default Display Issues with firefox

    Hi, sorry about this i've tried everything

    URL to my site -

    I have a few display issues since installing vBadvanced that i have no idea how to fix.

    The navbar background won't display, it just comes up grey. Also, all the links on the site are now underlined for some reason. The code that controls these things is under Additional CSS Definitions if that makes any difference. I have linked to the full URL for the navbar background image instead of the relative URL, still no luck.

    Now the weird thing is that these glitches only happen to people using Firefox. And even then, some Firefox users say that the site looks fine for them. So I really have no clue what's going on. I know it works perfectly on Chrome and Internet Explorer by all accounts.

    Anyone know how to fix this? Please

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    Apparently this has been fixed. I just fiddled with some code and my friend told me it looks all good. I have no idea what did it, but thank god it resolved itself

    Sorry for the bother

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    I have troubleshooting problems to Firefox. So anybody could help me??

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