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Thread: vBa CMPS Article Forums Module for vB4

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    Default vBa CMPS Article Forums Module for vB4

    Article Forums Module for vBa CMPS

    Created by bananalive. Ported to vB4 by av8or1.

    Tested on vB 4.1.3 only. It should work on other vB4 versions, but I make no guarantees. I will try to offer some support for those versions if necessary; also no guarantees.


    My forum membership chose to purchase the non-CMS vB variant, so in doing some research to find something we could use as "the face" of our forum, I found vBadvanced. We now use vBa as our "splash page." We had plenty of material that could serve as an articles section however, so the articles mod was essential. After discovering that there was a vBa articles module for vB 3.8, I knew that our forum could really use it. Since no version was available for vB4 however this presented a problem. So being a software type I decided to just create one myself by modifying bananalive's 3.8 version (rather extensively). Afterwards I checked in with him regarding the successful port and he blessed the notion of sharing it with everyone else. Thus here it is with his full permission. Hope it helps you just as it has helped the appearance and content of our forum.

    What does this modification do?

    This allows a module to be placed onto vBa CMPS page with same look (including thread thumbnail) as Article Forums.

    (I currently have it set to appear in the right column with maxthreads = 2)
    Russian Cars Forum


    • Import recentarticlesv1.5.xml into vBa CMPS
      vBa CMPS -> Download / Upload Module -> Upload Module
    • Add Module to vBa page
      vBa CMPS -> Edit Pages

    Please click Mark as INSTALLED in order to receive whatever support I have time to offer.

    If you like this mod, please show your support by donating. All donations are greatly appreciated.

    • Uninstall existing product and install this new one

    v1.5, released 18 Jun 2011
    - Ported to vB4

    v1.4, released 11 Jun 2009
    - Initial release
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    Thank you man I waited for this for a long time !!!
    But i have trouble: after add module to my page it turned to a blank page !
    Can you help me ?

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    I can try, but you'll need to give me more information than that. Others have installed it and reported no issues to-date. I've tested it rather extensively with vB 4.1.3 and encountered no errors.

    So get specific: what version of vBa/vB are you running? Which browser? Which browser version? And did you follow the installation instructions completely?

    One possibility that comes to mind is that you didn't install the articles forum add-on (available on that bananalive wrote for vB 4.x. That add-on is the companion to my module port and it won't work without it. So go back and verify that you installed the article forums 4.x plugin. There is a link in my original post in this thread.


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    I found out that I am using Article Forum 4.0.2 (

    Is it the source of errors?

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    Most likely, yes. The current version of Article Forums is 4.1.2 that appears to have been released on 27 Apr 2011. My vBa articles module port uses this version. I'd suggest that you uninstall my ported version of the vBa articles module, upgrade your Article Forums to 4.1.2 and then re-install the vBa articles module.

    Let me know what develops.


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    Works Great.


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    Thanks, enjoy!

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