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Thread: Outbound Links Problem

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    Default Outbound Links Problem

    First off...I'm sorry if there's already an answer to this, I did search I swear LOL

    I have just noticed one of my links is being rewritten incorrectly, the url contains a ? and a & and they are both being stripped out and replaced with - giving an error when clicked on.

    See here:

    The outbound link is

    but is being written as:

    I also have vbSEO installed but links like that on the forum are all written correctly, is this an issue with the links directory? And can I fix it

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    Did you try telling vBSEO to ignore the links directory?

    vBSEO is a pretty complicated software, just because its working fine on the forum doesn't mean it wont work fine on plugins.
    I may or may not do things.

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    Thanx Zachary....I tried adding directory/ to the Exclude Pages section with no change

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    Next suggestion is unpopular, but disable vbseo temporarly? Same issue?
    I may or may not do things.

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    Same issue after I disabled vbSEO

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