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Thread: how to expend all the threads?

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    Default how to expend all the threads?

    In news module, I was wondering is possible to add an clickable javascript to open/close all the thread at once.


    title [expand/close option]

    once clicked, all the "slim" thread will expand with post text, thambnails and etc.

    here is the code for single thread

    <vb:if condition="$vba_style['portal_collapsemods']">
    			<a class="collapse" id="collapse_module{vb:raw mods.collapse}" href="{vb:raw relpath}#top" style="top: 6px"><img src="{vb:stylevar imgdir_button}/collapse{vb:raw mods.collapseimg}.png" alt="" /></a>
    	<div class="vba_module blockbody" id="module{vb:raw mods.collapse}"<vb:if condition="($mods['useshell'] & $vba_shellint['collapse'])"> style="display: none"</vb:if>>

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    You could edit the settings for your news module and disable the 'Separate News Posts' option and enable the 'Collapse Module by Default' setting.
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