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Thread: How can I specify a different page <title> tag?

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    Default How can I specify a different page <title> tag?

    For SEO purposes, I want to have a different page <title> tag to the <h1> generated by the vBCMS page title.
    I'm assuming I'd have to modify the code and the header template?
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    Looking for the same thing, however the other thread didn't really do what I want.

    I would like to pull some custom content from my database and show in title.
    In normal vbulletin I would create a plugin where I fetch from the databse and set a variable $customVbaTitle = $dynamicContentFetchedFromDB;

    I then update adv_portal template

    <title>$vboptions[hometitle] <if condition="$pagetitle">- $pagetitle</if> - $customVbaTitle</title>
    However the $custmVbaTitle doesn't show anything, not sure what hook location to use though, tried a few such as init_startup and global_start (with vbadvanced CMPS as product).

    Any ideas?

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