Hello All,

As a user of VBAdvanced I really like the addon to my vBulletin Software and am ready to go one step forward and getting the vBadvanced Dynamics, however I have a question. I have read many threads in this section and am still uncertain to my concerns and needs.

Primarily I am setting up an R/C Site for all makes of Remote Control trucks, cars, planes etc, and what I am looking for is like a section for each member to set up a blog type area for their models. One key feature is that if a member who is building kit planes they can have an area that shows each kit in their area. Say for instance John Doe has his own section and he is building 2 plane kits, Plane 1 and Plane 2, in each area he can post pics and tips, ideas, etc to each specific kit?

Right now I am using an article feature from Vbulletin.org for this however it can be used 2 ways either the member will have to continue using same article thread for all kits he builds or will have to create new article thread for each kit and name the title like JohnDoe - plane 1.

I hope I explained this ok for you to get an idea of what I am looking for.