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Thread: Activity Stream Module (Site activity feed)

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    Smile Activity Stream Module (Site activity feed)

    I've made it in our vBA CMPS portal. I've added a few more features to this module example timestamp and items to avoid more SQL Queries. As a matter of fact, this module is will be very useful for all your members. If you use that then all registered members will see their site activity stream in your vBA CMPS Portal. People to easily see all the recent happenings on your forum. Members can follow each other to get their own news feed showing the content they want to see. Note "x" is a registered member.

    X, Replied to thread. -title-
    X, Posted a new thread. -title-
    X, Attached a file to the thread -title-
    X, Created new social group -title-
    X, Joined this social group -title-
    X, Posted a new social group discussion. -title-
    X, Replied to social group discussion. -title-
    X, Uploaded a picture her/his album. -title-
    X, Left a comment on X's picture. -picture-
    X, Left a message on X's profile. -profile-
    X, Posted a new blog her/his blog -title-
    X, Posted a comment on X's blog/entry -title-

    vBulletin version: vB3.x or vB4.x (both)

    If you want this then send a PM but remember to this module paid work.

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    Can u post a link to ur site please

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    I'm interested too.

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    Still available?

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