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Thread: How do I link attachments on homepage to thread, not themselves

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    Default How do I link attachments on homepage to thread, not themselves


    I'm running version 4.0.1 and cannot seem to find the means of having the attachments in the news modules (pulled from threads) link to the threads instead of themselves. The inability to do this kinda kills the UI on the homepage, so we're a bit desperate to get it fixed.


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    *Tap* is this thing on?

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    you want the attachment to link to the thread instead of the attachment? This is controlled by vBulletin, not by CMPS. You would have to write a mod to make this work, I think.

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    Well that's disappointing. Pretty much every website on the internet that uses thumbnail images for article previews, links those images to the full article; visitors expect most websites to function like this.

    So you'd think it would be a feature, or at least, easy to implement.

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    Those functions are controlled by vBulletin code, so thumbnails are going to link to the larger image, just as in vBulletin posts.
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    Any suggestions for a work-around? Maybe on the portal end, wrap the image in some kind of clickable lightbox the size of the image?

    Edit: Heck, what about a way of just de-linking the image completely so people have to click "Continue Reading"...
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