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Thread: I cannot create a new page

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    Default I cannot create a new page

    I am trying to create a new page with the ability of "Add new page".
    I am running vbulletin 3.8.7 patch level 2 and cmps 3.2.2

    I am quite familiar with the creation of new pages but in version 3.0 RC2 which I am using to one of my other websites.

    In order to explain better. I am trying to add a new php page for forumhome.php in order to have the ability to add some side advert or other usefull modules.

    Whenever I'm trying that, when I am going to my new page identifier e.g http://mysite/indexphp?page=service, which actually contains only the custom page content and just only one module in right column(just for test), I am getting the original view of my home page Main page with all its modules and of course nothing from the created page.

    If anybody can help I will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    If you are trying to add modules to a vBulletin powered page then you should use the Integration feature instead of trying to add it as a new page.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    CMPS Users Manual

    For vBadvanced software assistance, please use the support forums.
    Unsolicted PMs, IMs, and email will not be responded to.
    If you have a non-software related question or problem with your account, please submit a support ticket.

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    Thank you Brian it works well. I was doing the same but a little bit different. I was adding the php page i.e. forumhome at the initial stage and not in the integration.
    Anyway the problem resolved thanks again.

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