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Thread: vBadvanced for SEO optimised portal?

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    Default vBadvanced for SEO optimised portal?

    Hi all,

    Our current front page is the main forum home, and it's a big one! Because of this, we have very slow loading times which is, obviously, very poor for SEO.

    We are now considering our options as to what to change the front page to, with speed and SEO our primary concern.

    So, my question is this: Is it possible to have a CMPS installation which caches, say, once an hour, so that the front page is not generated dynamically and thus giving a superfast pageload time (assuming other elements are not included - I'm thinking facebook, google+, twitter feeds)?

    We are less concerned with pulling real-time info out of the forum, and more concerned with having a good info page with some forum content.

    Would people here recommend vBadvanced for this, or some other option? Also, how well is vBadvanced SEO optimised 'out of the box'? Many thanks in advance.


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    Hi Matt,

    Go here and you will get a live demo of the CMPS and the AdminCP >>

    Look at all the options available for content display.

    The Homepage Options allow you to set a caching period for guests to suit your needs and your content can be as static ( or dynamic ) as you wish.

    I certainly never had a slow front page using vBa CMPS, the big attarction was always that the system is so configuarable, there are so many things you can do wit the product.

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