Hey guys,

Firstly, Brian. Please don't redirect me to the differences thread, or the demos, i've looked, and i've still got this question.

I understand the basics of what vBaDynamics does, but does it take over vBadvanced, or does it work with vBavanced? So do I have both installed, or would I only be using vBaDynamics?

I've run a few forums, and i've only even used vBulletin, and 90% of the time ran the forum only. I tried vBadvanced, and I honestly didn't like it. Using a forum seemed easier, and it was like vBadvanced was trying to only show you the forum posts that it wanted.

I'm starting up another forum, and thought i'd give it another go, this is when I saw vBaDynamics.

Is there a way to see a demo of a strictly clean install of vBaDynamics, that way I can see the general differences without the influence of pre-existing forum content.