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Thread: *Help needed! (not sure where to look/post)

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    Unhappy *Help needed! (not sure where to look/post)

    I am a senior member on a forum, and helping to run things (to the best of our ability). Admin has disappeared and we don't know what to do? I was wondering if we could take over the forum?? We are basically running things as my boyfriend is a super moderator, but there are members who want name changes and we can't do it without admin?? It's really frustrating!! Is there anything we can do? We have contacted admin and his girlfriend but havnt had any joy

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    You should ask at, the maker of the software. But be prepared that it will be very, very difficult for you to take over the forum without approval of the admin

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    Simple answer, if you want your own forum then obtain the software and set one up.

    There is no way on earth vbulletin will ever under any circumstances discuss you "taking over" a forum or an admins license.

    The site owner/admin could make you a restricted admin to allow you to run things further or they would have to agree to sell/give you the site and license.

    So as you understand, every forum software vendor sees posts/requests like this on a weekly basis and 99.99999999% are fraudulent. They will NOT discuss this with you and nor should they.

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