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Thread: Background not showing in Dynamics

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    Default Background not showing in Dynamics

    Hey guys,

    I've just bought and installed dynamics.

    My style and background were automatically used from the forum design when I installed vBadvanced.

    When I installed Dynamics, the sytle came across, but not the background.

    How can I fix this?

    Below are the paths to my forum, vBa, and vBaD.

    I installed dynamics in the forum directory thinking it would be able to locate all the custom image files.

    The forums are closed as there is no content yet, but you can see the design and colour scheme.

    I just want the background that is being used on the forums, and vBa, to be visable on Dynamics.


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    Is there any one that can help me with this?

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    In admincp under "Styles & Templates" - "Replacement Variables" you can add a new variable for the style you are using:

    Search for:

    Replace with:

    This should fix it.


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    Hey larina,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, i'd kind of given up hope.

    I tried what you said, and still no background.

    This is what it now says in the Replacement Variable Manager:
    Default Style [Add New Replacement Variable]
    No replacement variables are defined for this style

    Black/Red [Add New Replacement Variable]
    /vampyre/vampyrebg/vampyrebg2.png [Edit] [Delete]

    Is there a way to check it's even trying to display that image as the background?


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    Sorry I missed your original post. You would probably be better off going to the Style Manager, edit your "Stylevars", find the body class, and update the URL there to point to the full URL to your image.
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