Hello Brian,

Long time no talk.

I'm sorry to say I dont use your vbadvanced anymore but I am thinking of adding it back in for Clan memebrs. maybe, but...

I am very interested in your Dynamics product but...

there are a few things i'd like to be able to do and your guide doesn't talk about it or some of the options within the product.

Below is an example of what I would like to do for the mmebers of my Clan. Can you take a look and let me know if these things are possible and if they are not, how much would it cost to have you add them ...

when i'm adventuring in the game Diablo III and i found something good i won't personally use for my character, but someone else in the guild could use it, rather than tell directly i found this item each and everytime .... instead make sharing less instrusive by using database we can search for the item name, and list the items from the db as something available for guild.


1 x immortal king soul cage (with these specific stats)

so when someone in guild is interested, they need only click on the database link to indicate they want it also with a reason why.

Then the trade can be done The trade itself would be done in game, and the person who shared the loot gets points for being a useful member for the guild. They can use these points to redeem for guild materials to craft gear from black smith.

Maybe those who want gear, get deducted points, so as no single person will be able to hog items indefinitely.

Also items nobody is interested in claiming for main chars, will then be open the following weak to alternate chars. but if after a week nobody wants it still, then at the guild meeting the guild council can decide what to do with them, whether to sell on auction house for gold for the guild, or to disenchant for materials.


So the idea behind this system is

1. easy to select items from a db what is available for the guild members to use if they want it
2. easy for members to indicate an interest in item. priority is based on first come first serve. So whoever indicate interest first gets it. However prioiryt should be for main character classes only (alternate character classes are 2nd priority)
3. a log to indicate who was donor, and who was receiver. so we can keep track who is being a helpful member, and who is smooching too much.
4. the point system is an incentive for members to share. also a way for members to get rare gear from black smith which would normally be very hard to do, if they were to farm their own mats.
5. we can use this item trading system as one of the agendas for our weekly guild meetings to decide on how to handle the loot distribution.

Thanks for checking this out and letting me know