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    hi - have just received your mail about updating because of the security bug

    its a long time since i installed the original software - so excuse the stupid question - do i have to over install or can i just copy the files from the new release to the existing folders via ftp and all will work

    currently running v3.1.0


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    just look inside your downloaded archive, file readme_vba_cmps.html

    Quote Originally Posted by readme_vba_cmps.html
    1. If you have not already, ensure that you are running vBulletin 3.6+.
    2. As with any program, you should always backup your database before upgrading.
    3. Upload all of the new vBadvanced CMPS files in this package over your existing ones, with the exception of the cmps_index.php file (Click here for a list of files).
    4. Go to the install file in your browser by going to Once there, select the option to upgrade.

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