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    Can the version number be put on the arcade main page ??

    Say,,under (Powered by v3 Arcade)

    I can do it myself but it might help others know what version they have installed...

    Thanks !!
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    It is something that came up on conversation and the end thinking was that *if* a security exploit was ever found then having the version number there would make it easier for people to find it.

    Plus, on a lesser note, the current "Verify License" check is looking for some pretty explicit HTML code... putting the version number in there would require some tweaking. That is not really a concern though because the tweaking needed would be minor and we are (behind the scenes) already working on redoing the how the licenses are tracked.

    Knowing the thought process of why it isn't there, let me turn the tables... What is the thought process of why it should be there?

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