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    Unhappy Scoring Problem

    No one can beat the high score. Everyone gets a white screen when they beat the high score. You can beat #3 and #2 but not #1.

    Any ideas? Thank you in advance!


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    Would you happen to have a large arcade? By large I mean over 5k games?

    I have noticed in the past that the datastore cache starts to crumble in terms of performance with large amounts of data stored in it. Which unfortunately they implemented several datacaches (which a few the build functions dont even apply record filters properly, resulting in all games being saved into the awards cache). Which for our arcade of 14k games made anything that updated the awards / champion a problem as the script would overflow the memory stack allowed even with a 32mb allowed memory (per php script) on our current server. I have temporarily fixed this by correcting the functions to check for the right values based on the defined datatypes (this is only a short term fix, as more highscores get set the problem will resurface), I hope to look into this and provide more information as well as any fixes I come up with. Which from my tests currently it appeared to be the act of serializing (what was currently a 1.8mb game table) the game table generated awards cache (I plan later to try and grab more specific memory readings as the actions page generate to determine exact where the problem or problems are with the memory usage, but this is the line it failed on everytime with the memory exhaustion)

    Just to note before the patch to things my arcade award cache which was generated sometime before all games were added in was 1.8mb (it stopped functioning at some point during the game import when we finally hit the memory limit, not sure where this happened unfortunately).

    Hopefully one of the staff will also look into this.

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