We have just finished the move to combine v3arcade.com and vBadvanced.com. This move should help to consolidate the support forums along with the support tickets and licensing system of both sites to make things more convenient for our customers. Previous customers should already see their v3arcade license in the Members' Area here, and all members should see v3arcade available for download from the "Software Products" link at the top of any page.
It will likely still take a couple more weeks until we have everything completed, but so far all forum info (user accounts, forums, threads, etc) should now be merged into the database here.
Note that there were a number of accounts which had duplicate usernames but the e-mail addresses did not match up, and those accounts from v3arcade.com have been prefixed with "imported_". So if you're unable to login here using your old username from v3arcade.com, try adding "imported_" in front of your username. If anyone has 2 accounts now here due to the merge, please feel free to submit a support ticket under both accounts (so that we can verify you do own both and nobody steals your account) and we can merge them together for you.