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Thread: ibProArcade to v3Arcade??

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    Question ibProArcade to v3Arcade??

    My forum is running vBulletin 3.8 and many years ago I installed v3 Arcade 1.0.2 and then several years ago I switched to ibProArcade 2.7.0 which imported my v3 Arcade data. After the import, I disabled the v3 Arcade plugins and they still show disabled on my forum.

    Now that vBAdvanced has v3 Arcade, I would like to go back, so...

    How can I import my current ibProArcade data into the newest version of v3 Arcade? And will I need to uninstall my old version of v3 Arcade before installing the newest version?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You'll want to update to the most recent version of v3A for vB3. In the current drop-down list it'll show as "2.0.3 (vB3)" when you go to download it from here.

    The instructions in this post go over the steps you'll want to take next...

    ... but it looks like the attachments did not come over during the vB ImpEx import. I'll bring that to Brian's attention and will update that post with the attachment from the old thread.

    If you aren't using the v3A you currently have installed, and don't care about losing the data from it (as opposed to importing the data you have in ibProArcade) then you might be better off doing a clean install of the newer version of v3A since there were a lot changes between the 1.x series and the 2.x series.

    Just make sure you don't uninstall your ibProArcade until you are ready!

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