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Thread: 404 Screen After Switching to SEO

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    Unhappy 404 Screen After Switching to SEO

    Hi there,

    Well I've searched the forum, tried everything I've read in other threads, and can't get the .htaccess to work with the SEO. I still get 404 errors.

    I temporarily turned off my root's .htaccess and my forum directory's one too, and still the links directory .htacesss doesn't work. So I've gone that route.

    I also tried taking out the # before RewriteBase /links and putting it back and no go. So out of ideas.

    The only thing is my links directory is not called "links" but "directory." Would that have something to with my settings in that .htaccess file?

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    You did place the Links .htaccess in the "Links" folder and not the root directory?

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    Yup yup.

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    Got it to work..needed to change the RewriteBase /links to RewriteBase /directory (since I used a different name) and CHMOD the file 644. Works great now.

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