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Thread: Module code issue? Or spacing?

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    Default Module code issue? Or spacing?

    I just made a new module for the center column on my page. For some reason, and only with this one module, there is a gap above it where the background shows through. (See picture)

    I have both horizontal and vertical spacing at 5 on this page. And it only happens with this one so I expect it is my coding in this BB Code Module.

    Can someone help me out with the proper coding?

    I have:

    <tr align=center>
    		<td>Check out our new BF3 Leaderboard!!!</td>
    <tr align=center>
    		<td><a href="" target="_blank"> <img src=""> </a></td>
    Thanks a ton.

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    Try the code in a template module .

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    Hey thanks alot.

    That worked like a charm. I was always a bit scared of anything except the BB modules

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