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    I love the idea, look, functionality etc of the VBadvanced links directory... however from what I can see (and I've spent a couple of weeks off and on and pretty much all of today trying to address) it has a fundamental flaw and that is that new links don't show up as new posts in todays posts/ new posts etc etc

    set up in default mode it is hidden away on the navbar so unless users physically had a nose around it they wouldn't know about (or more importantly) be able to discuss new links... unless it appeared in new posts etc of course..

    ok, so I know that there is this mod (which is what i want to use)-

    but it doesn't look right as the posts column shows a zero (again something I've tried everything to sort out) I'm guessing that the zero count and the not showing as new posts are related somehow but I'm buggered if I can find out how and where... I have read on here somewhere that getting new links to show as new posts is a simple matter (or words to that effect) but either a tutorial or even better, the ability for them to be shown as new posts by default would enhance this product so much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CareyCrew View Post
    yes I saw that but I didn't really want it in a module

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