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Thread: Multiple instances or categories - what's better for performance?

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    Default Multiple instances or categories - what's better for performance?

    I've bought a few days ago vBadvanced Dynamics (branding free, multiple instances) a bit pricey but very nice script. I totally like it.

    I have one dilemma, I hesitate which way should I go. Let me draw the situation.
    I need to create 20-30 categories and for each one many searchable custom fields. And I see two ways I can do it and both seem to have their advantages and disadvantages.

    One is creating multiple categories and only one instance would be installed for my purpose. I would have to customize search templates and do some code customization for each category.

    The second way would be installing multiple instances, each instance for one category, I would need implement less customization as script by default will be in most matters enough customized by itself.

    And here is what I wonder, what is better for overall performance and server load?

    Creating multiple categories only (but then for example many database queries, search queries are done across the whole thing).


    Creating 20-30 instances each for one category (queries are done only for the one instance/category data but there will be 20-30 x more files so for example 1500 files instead of only 50 and many more database tables too)

    What will affect more performance? I would be grateful for some input.

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    I wouldn't think it would make much of a difference with performance and server load either way. It seems like 20-30 instances could be a bit much to manage though, so I'd probably go with a single instance.
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