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Thread: 2 Questions: Add TS Viewer AddOn in CMPS and Nav_links

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    Default How to add a vB addon (ts viewer) into portal als plugin?

    Hi there,

    I've got two separate questions, the first:

    Is there a way to add an ts viewer addon for vB into the CMPS?
    The AddOn I'm using is: Advanced Voicetool Viewer

    This addon has an own options menu in the admin cp, and you can set the Templatehook display Position there. (like forumhome_wgo_pos2)

    I'm new with vB and all the stuff, and I can't get how to add it.
    Tried to add this as a Module to CMPS (as template, and insert the vb:code in div tags, but it don't work.

    The second:

    In vB forums there are smaler links in the navbar (those with a popup menu), how can I also add them to the CMPS?

    For better explanaition I've made a screenshot:
    My homepage:

    Thanks for any help in advance!
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    Ok, I tried now to add a new module page, called it ts viewer with tsviewer als pageid.
    To this page I integrated the tsviewer_overall.php.

    If I integrate the tsviewer with its own options (Templatehook display Position => forumhome_wgo_pos2) it works and I can see it on the forumhome, I can edit the tsviewer_overall.php file and see the changes on the forumhome_wgo (like just type "hello" in it).

    Why it doesn't work to add it to vBa page?

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